The shoes

20 10 2013

DSC_5670SK1, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Why do kids get the best shoes? OK, I admit I had a pair of running shoes that lit up when I walked…I thought they were cool for at least a minute – It seems people thought I was special enough that they left me alone. . .these shoes have all of the best bits: they light up when you skip, hop, run or just walk, they have hearts all over them (small and large) and the tops (uppers) are animal print.

And now the details: Nikon D4, cranked to ISO 400, shooting in bright afternoon sun at 1/5000 @ f1.4 with a Nikkor 50mm1.4 – the vibrance and the saturation are cooked a bit with PShop but that’s the way I like it. . .I also like the marginally paler version I’m hiding from you. The subject in the photo was snarfing a cupcake as I shot this but some models eat more than others. . .