Barrels #Nikon #D4

5 01 2014

barrels, originally uploaded by psuba98.

These were barrels I snapped on the way out of the BrickWorks one sunny Saturday morning. How sunny was it? Well, this was an ISO 200 shot wide open (f1.8) and its the only time I can recall shooting at 1/8000th of a second. Nothing was in motion, nothing was flying through the air, I wasn’t making any sort of stop-motion magic, nope, It was just a bright morning on a cloudless day in Toronto.

It has some bits, but more importantly it makes me appreciate the simpler things in life that I take for granted. I could not make a vessel like this to save my life. What if there was a rapid end to civilization as we know it? Wouldn’t I need a barrel? Sure I know where these ones are but gee, so does everyone now! Seriously though, how could I manufacture something like this if I needed it? Stickies and staples and all of those other office supplies I’m so adept at manipulating? No, some new skills I need to pick up I suppose…Just in case.



Conversations with crustaceans

12 01 2013

Conversations with crustaceans

It started as a conversation, followed by a disagreement, and then well. . .he became dinner.

Yes, I know how to “sex” lobsters. This meal was a he, or really a group of lobsters, and yes, technically I think that would be a pod of lobsters although I’m not sure if they had formed any sort of bonds in their grocery store tank, in fact without the elastic band restraints they probably would have done their best to harm each other but hey, sometimes friends aren’t nice to each other. He and his friends were on sale for $5.99 a pound and made a nice dinner on Christmas Eve. They were served the traditional Maritime way, with drawn butter and nothing else. . .

So as I recall this was the D4 matched with the Nikkor 60f2.8 a decent crustacean lens as it turns out, ambient kitchen light, evening after sundown, batteries fully charged (camera batteries, not the crustacean’s batteries although I am aware you can use them as a power supply in a pinch.

Just wanted to post something as a place holder to remind myself to blog more this year. I want to squeeze in some more shots before the end of the month, can’t guarantee they will be food related but they will be. . .winterish.