That Time in Chicago #ABATECHSHOW #Streetphotography #politics #lust

25 02 2017


Its a foggy day in Toronto and I’m working on a comparison of ethics resources in various State Bars in the USA. It made me think back to one of my previous trips to ABATechshow and one of my forays into Chicago street photography which I engage in occasionally when I manage to actually get outdoors (which if you’ve been to Techshow you know isn’t very often!) I came across this snap of Kira. She was making her way across the country with some friends in pursuit of…well I’m not exactly sure but it was partially the American Dream.

These kids were mostly care-free. Travelling with their dog, a few friends and very few belongings, they were hopping freight trains to crisscross the country in search of something, adventure, prosperity, maybe just existence and experience. They were chased, occasionally beaten, but they had a strong bond with each other that was palpable.

I think about how far removed they were removed from technology and wealth. They weren’t begging or soliciting handouts, they were just sitting on the sidewalk together waiting on some friends, experiencing an unfamiliar city from street level. This was 2010 in the USA and as you may recall there was a different government in place.

This shot was captured with my trusty Nikkor 85f1.8 cranking at 1/200th and f3.5 – there were a bunch of others in this series but I thought the tattoo was appropriate for the frenzy going on right now with our Southern neighbours. Their lust for security, prosperity, truth, and well, depending on which side of the fence you’re on…survival.



Barrels #Nikon #D4

5 01 2014

barrels, originally uploaded by psuba98.

These were barrels I snapped on the way out of the BrickWorks one sunny Saturday morning. How sunny was it? Well, this was an ISO 200 shot wide open (f1.8) and its the only time I can recall shooting at 1/8000th of a second. Nothing was in motion, nothing was flying through the air, I wasn’t making any sort of stop-motion magic, nope, It was just a bright morning on a cloudless day in Toronto.

It has some bits, but more importantly it makes me appreciate the simpler things in life that I take for granted. I could not make a vessel like this to save my life. What if there was a rapid end to civilization as we know it? Wouldn’t I need a barrel? Sure I know where these ones are but gee, so does everyone now! Seriously though, how could I manufacture something like this if I needed it? Stickies and staples and all of those other office supplies I’m so adept at manipulating? No, some new skills I need to pick up I suppose…Just in case.


The Dirty Faced Cowboy Looks For Her Next Meal

15 06 2013

cowboy, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Her face is an atlas filled with a morning’s stroll thru the farmers market. A quick rundown on the comestibles – there was some organic popsicle on there, some goat cheese, some lemonade, a few donuts on a stick, a crepe, and a honey filled straw. Nothing a garden hose couldn’t clean up.

The hat was courtesy of the neighbours who were trying to get the goods to a garage sale but they were waylaid going out the door. . .now we need to have a yard sale I guess.


The Realization

13 06 2013

Realization, originally uploaded by psuba98.

There is that moment, we all have it…you’re cruising along enjoying the day and then you remember you forgot something. It isn’t necessarily a huge momentous discovery, it could be something minor, something embarrassing, something annoying, nonetheless, its the discovery that wobbles the psyche. This is that moment.

Its undoubtedly a First World problem he’s dealing with but he still have to realize it, cogitate on it, resolve it, and move along. . .


Running from the rainbow

7 06 2012

Running from the rainbow, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Its a dark and stormy night and the kids are playing in the rain, getting as saturated as possible and squeezing maximum enjoyment out of water falling from the skies.

Its the D4, 1/60th, f4.0, ISO 400 and the Nikkor 85f1.8 in action. Sure there’s a tiny bit of CS4 added in their to give it a bit of an older feel but its really about kids in action.

There was a double rainbow and Dilly immediately declared “My rainbow!”

So dodging rain without my trusty high-cost rain cover (a dry cleaning bag with a few elastic bands,) I risked life, limb, and my camera (which did stay bone dry thanks to some weird posturing on my part,) and voila, image.

The show and its reflective mate. . .perfect focus 🙂