#portraits Nikon D4 as driven by children #justme

11 02 2018


My kids understand light. They’re all artists in some fashion. They know what they like and if there’s something they want to try they just try it. They go though a lot of different media, currently they’re hooked on pencils, paint, 3D cutouts with paper, popups, and anything they can do with glitter. I’m not sure I ever had their imagination artistically. I’m more of a “tell me what you want exactly and I will do my technical best to achieve it” kind of person. My art is straight ahead with occasional flashes of something. Their art is all brilliance and flash.

This is how my 11 year old sees me. I’m often told I don’t smile. I’m not totally surprised, most people who take photos don’t like to be in them and I’m one of those people. Look at me smile in a photo and it’s almost identical in every shot. It’s not an effusive grin.

Random photo for the day.



The Christmas Tree

28 12 2013

xmastree, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This is a random snap from Christmas night. It was 3 long days/nights of no electricity/heat. My place dropped to 5C and yes, you could see your breath. This snap was in celebration of finally being able to appreciate the tree, the lights, the kids, and being able to finally prep something that wasn’t done on the bbq out back. There was some creativity without power. I made a banana bread and chili with the bbq. There was still hot water thanks to my “low efficiency” hot water heater. . .

The D4 was working hard: ISO 7200 @ 1/50sec, 50f1.4