The Christmas Tree

28 12 2013

xmastree, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This is a random snap from Christmas night. It was 3 long days/nights of no electricity/heat. My place dropped to 5C and yes, you could see your breath. This snap was in celebration of finally being able to appreciate the tree, the lights, the kids, and being able to finally prep something that wasn’t done on the bbq out back. There was some creativity without power. I made a banana bread and chili with the bbq. There was still hot water thanks to my “low efficiency” hot water heater. . .

The D4 was working hard: ISO 7200 @ 1/50sec, 50f1.4



Kids in tune

19 12 2013

Kids in tune, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This photo is popular on Flickr lately and it might just be people missing summer. I know we have a few days left of shorter days and then its all downhill after that (uphill?) We have lots of winter sun coming (I can’t believe its not even Winter yet!?)

So back to children playing in Huntsville. . .it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of rays, music, ice cream, and playing in parks. . .this was one of the outdoor pianos for anyone to play, and my children were instantly attracted.

The photo: Nikon D4, 1/125, f5.6 ISO 100 with the Nikkor 60f2.8Macro

The shoes

20 10 2013

DSC_5670SK1, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Why do kids get the best shoes? OK, I admit I had a pair of running shoes that lit up when I walked…I thought they were cool for at least a minute – It seems people thought I was special enough that they left me alone. . .these shoes have all of the best bits: they light up when you skip, hop, run or just walk, they have hearts all over them (small and large) and the tops (uppers) are animal print.

And now the details: Nikon D4, cranked to ISO 400, shooting in bright afternoon sun at 1/5000 @ f1.4 with a Nikkor 50mm1.4 – the vibrance and the saturation are cooked a bit with PShop but that’s the way I like it. . .I also like the marginally paler version I’m hiding from you. The subject in the photo was snarfing a cupcake as I shot this but some models eat more than others. . .


The Dirty Faced Cowboy Looks For Her Next Meal

15 06 2013

cowboy, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Her face is an atlas filled with a morning’s stroll thru the farmers market. A quick rundown on the comestibles – there was some organic popsicle on there, some goat cheese, some lemonade, a few donuts on a stick, a crepe, and a honey filled straw. Nothing a garden hose couldn’t clean up.

The hat was courtesy of the neighbours who were trying to get the goods to a garage sale but they were waylaid going out the door. . .now we need to have a yard sale I guess.


The Realization

13 06 2013

Realization, originally uploaded by psuba98.

There is that moment, we all have it…you’re cruising along enjoying the day and then you remember you forgot something. It isn’t necessarily a huge momentous discovery, it could be something minor, something embarrassing, something annoying, nonetheless, its the discovery that wobbles the psyche. This is that moment.

Its undoubtedly a First World problem he’s dealing with but he still have to realize it, cogitate on it, resolve it, and move along. . .


Sometimes Life Rushes Up at You

3 06 2013

So there are times when things are moving too fast and everything seems to be upside down. Well, you can still have a laugh and this is proof. Its a little bit of fun and that’s all it really is. . .no trickery here (its not a trick that’s she’s upside down because really, depending on where you are on Earth right now you might be upside won yourself in relation to everyone else.

This was a break from a soccer game when there happened to be a handy play structure (not what I called them when I was a kid but now kids don’t say things like jungle gyms,) and now that I think about it, I have never seen a metal play structure in a jungle (few jungles that I have seen!?)

OK, there’s the photo of the day, a right-side up, upside down, soccer playing imp in full smirkulation!


All about the shoes

28 03 2013

All about the shoes, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Shoes. She has a gene that gives her a special relationship with shoes. It’s weird how we pay someone (often the strangest looking bowling alley person on Earth,) to allow us the choice of which sweat receptacles we would like to try for a day. These items have never been used for anything else in their overly long existence…they were made to trap the sweat of as many unrelated people as possible. There is of course the mysterious spray that is reassuringly used in front of you, sure, but other than destroying ozone what exactly does it do?

This little person loved her shoes, and she also took great pleasure in selecting the ball she was going to launch at the floor. Occasionally the ball made it all the way down the floor, but whether it was a strike, gutter-ball, or a split that defied the laws of physics, she was content just picking out the swirl pattern on the ball that she fancied at that moment.

Other high points? The flickering fluorescent lights, the French fries, the highly polished floors, the mysterious “Pro shop”, and the magical scoring machines.

Watching a 3 year old out there on the alley for the first time was relaxing. This photo once again proves its not the glass, the fancy pro camera pointed in the right direction, or the organism pointing it downrange. Nope, it’s the spark in front of the camera, that beautiful soul experiencing anything for the first time with an innocent joy long forgotten by any adult.

Take a moment, look up in the sky, and see the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon, the jet contrails, or just the tops of trees, and then watch with your inner child, you might even see in colour for a change. If all else fails, grab a pair of number 7s or your own number, and head out on the hardwood for another day of childhood.