Spring Days of Summer #seasons #photos

18 05 2017

The rolls of fresh sod lay stacked in towering pallets of organic life. The flora about to be unravelled, to bond with the ground beneath our feet, unnoticed as we stroll to our daily toils…

Apple iPhone 6 with Hipstamatic & Prisma filters



D4 with optional small boy attachment

7 08 2012

This one was fun. Charlie was curious, mostly because of the 70-200 but he always wants to pick up the D4 when it’s comes out. The fun feature? It’s the 11 frames per second of course.

Shot with the iPhone 4 with Hipstamatic, and no, not shot with my other D4.

Dinner from the BBQ and Culinarium

11 07 2012


This is a random iPhone snap of dinner. The veggies are all from the Culinarium, delicious, organic, and part of a food share program. All locally sourced except for the apples which grew somewhere in Ontario but sat patiently in my grocery store until I rescued them. They repaid the favour by jumping into a pan with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger…with a pinch of salt which I hand harvested from the Red Sea….nawwww, kidding about that last part.

Anyway, dinner, really just an excuse to take a snap – it was yummy, even the dastardly cauliflower.