Barrels #Nikon #D4

5 01 2014

barrels, originally uploaded by psuba98.

These were barrels I snapped on the way out of the BrickWorks one sunny Saturday morning. How sunny was it? Well, this was an ISO 200 shot wide open (f1.8) and its the only time I can recall shooting at 1/8000th of a second. Nothing was in motion, nothing was flying through the air, I wasn’t making any sort of stop-motion magic, nope, It was just a bright morning on a cloudless day in Toronto.

It has some bits, but more importantly it makes me appreciate the simpler things in life that I take for granted. I could not make a vessel like this to save my life. What if there was a rapid end to civilization as we know it? Wouldn’t I need a barrel? Sure I know where these ones are but gee, so does everyone now! Seriously though, how could I manufacture something like this if I needed it? Stickies and staples and all of those other office supplies I’m so adept at manipulating? No, some new skills I need to pick up I suppose…Just in case.



The Dirty Faced Cowboy Looks For Her Next Meal

15 06 2013

cowboy, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Her face is an atlas filled with a morning’s stroll thru the farmers market. A quick rundown on the comestibles – there was some organic popsicle on there, some goat cheese, some lemonade, a few donuts on a stick, a crepe, and a honey filled straw. Nothing a garden hose couldn’t clean up.

The hat was courtesy of the neighbours who were trying to get the goods to a garage sale but they were waylaid going out the door. . .now we need to have a yard sale I guess.


Manual Labour Coffee TUM August

26 08 2012

Action in the evening, originally uploaded by psuba98.

I am not a food critic, let me say that up front. Last night we checked out the Toronto Underground Market at Evergreen Brickworks, wandered around, ate some food, drank some liquor, chatted with people and generally had a good time.

Now, the photo. This was a trailer tucked in a corner with lots of action around it. It was getting late at night and people were hanging out, talking, drinking coffee, and checking out what food was left. We stopped to talk and I noticed the light and decided I had to shoot something to capture the mood. The sign was made out of tinfoil and lightbulbs, the ambiance was 100% human frivolity.

I was shooting with my 50 f1.4 and the D4 was on autopilot. The Auto ISO setting was made for this late, late nite, open air, crystal clear, and, lots of action. There was no need to fuss, just focus on an area and start shooting.

The flat white at Manual Labour Coffee was spectacular, Matthew was talkative and almost forgot to charge for the coffee (well did forget, we reminded him.)

Overall TUM was fun. Kudos to Tromba Tequila who kept us lubricated, Matt Pettit from Rock Lobster Food Co who was busy slinging mini-toasted lobster rolls, and Kurt Krumme from West Side Beef for the awesome rib burgers. Those were the highlights for me. The lineups at Rock Lobster and Swine Shrine were outta control. . .longest of the night. There were others too. . .too much food to eat, too many samples, and not enough night.

The event was fun, the shuttles well organized, and the evening ended with a quick chat at Cafe Belong with Chef Long.

Will I check out the next one? I’m not sure but had fun last night. Check out the photos on Flickr.