‘‘Twas the Night Before #ABATECHSHOW & All Thru the House…

6 03 2018

Tomorrow is a new day. A time for reconnecting with friends and acquaintances. A time to learn new things. A good reminder not to talk about politics, nor religions, or even take on controversial topics like “Who Shot J.R.?”

It’s more than that of course, but I will do my best to plan ahead. I have started picking out my sessions, marking the “must attend” blocks and the “backup” sessions, and of course trying to figure out which ones are for beginners and which sessions are for full immersion.

My camera is loaded with fresh film (kidding,) and I’m packed. Now I just need to source a decent whisky when I’m there and a few people to share with and all will be well in the universe.

The most important thing is for everyone to stay positive, remember in most cases you’re a guest so play nice, and even though you’re in a big city think ecological and leave no footprints.

Stay tuned, there may be mayhem.


#whisky #weekends A sip in time

11 11 2017

It’s another weekend and the news is always bleak from the South. The USA seems to struggle with its former greatness. Once mighty and a world power never questioned is mostly a daily news item of scandals and conspiracy, a political grasp so tenuous its as gossamer thin as a reality show’s plot line. I digress.

It’s cold here, though Fall officially I will declare Winter is at the door and it’s open mor than a crack. It’s Remembrance Day. A day we pause to recognize and give thanks for our freedoms, our laws, our governments or at least the right to our democratic process.

Another week gone by and pictures were taken, hands were shaken, coffees were drunk and bonds were forged. Some relationships in place out of necessity while others made stronger just by mere acknowledgements. I spoke, some listened but preparation it’s own reward. Routines maintained and broken but the five days of the modern work week far behind in the rear view mirror and many more on the roads ahead.

Whisky. A complexity whether cask strength or not, bourbon or rye, aged or barely kissed by the oak. These bottles freshly filled with an elixir of warmth. Their beauty in the eye of a beholder, their value set by markets but priceless in the right hands. It thrives locally and beyond nations borders, served in crystal cut glass and paper cups or straight from the bottles depths.

Enjoy the weekend, and raise a glass to those lost, those who are lost, and the hope of the newly found.


Distillery Photos

22 01 2017


It’s time for more nighttime photography. This shot was taken in the Distillery District in Toronto with ambient light (and there wasn’t much of that.) As always, the D4 was working hard. I was using the Nikkor 50/f1.4 AF-D cranked almost all the way open and it is a dream to shoot with. It isn’t the least bit finicky (a real photographic term,) like my 60mm Macro. That thing is as unforgiving as any lens I have ever used and by the time if focuses (in low light or low contrast,) your subject has moved along.

There are lots of things to shoot in the Distillery District (abandoned truck shots anyone?) but I like to snap people. The tourists, the hipsters (not that there’s anything wrong with them,) the wanderers and the vendors…never a lack of subjects. Also some cobblestones, signs, brick buildings, and lots of lights and windows. If you time it right you can even shoot someone else’s wedding party!

If you wander into the Distillery District in Toronto make sure you drop into The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company and take a tour. Also drop in and see Zumei at Boku sushi and sample their amazing menu!

More photos coming. I am back working on some portraits so stay tuned.


Kids in tune

19 12 2013

Kids in tune, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This photo is popular on Flickr lately and it might just be people missing summer. I know we have a few days left of shorter days and then its all downhill after that (uphill?) We have lots of winter sun coming (I can’t believe its not even Winter yet!?)

So back to children playing in Huntsville. . .it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of rays, music, ice cream, and playing in parks. . .this was one of the outdoor pianos for anyone to play, and my children were instantly attracted.

The photo: Nikon D4, 1/125, f5.6 ISO 100 with the Nikkor 60f2.8Macro

Dressing the naked oyster

6 11 2012

oyster dressing, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This is not the way I enjoy my oysters. I suck my oysters back raw, unadulterated, naked, freshly shucked, and still screaming their pathetic oyster wail. . .this woman was into the sauce (for her oysters.)

Fun evening at Oyster Boy in Toronto, a variety of bivalvery. We consumed oysters, scallops on the shell, clams, and anything that was put in front of us. We were well taken care of by Chris, Luke and Tyler and the whole evening was fun and they were fairly relaxed considering I was poking a camera at them out of the evening, recording their every move of the oyster ballet.

I give full credit to my D4 (as always) and its phenomenal ability to figure out what I want to capture when I point it at something. The low light capabilities are unrivalled and it was a pleasure to shoot all night. At the end of the night I was happy…full, and inspired to go back for more oysters…Chris is a serious shucker!


sunflowers of summer

12 08 2012

sunflowers of summer, originally uploaded by psuba98.

I walk past these sunflowers pretty much everyday and they are in various stages of bloom but two things are certain, I am almost never carrying my D4 when I walk past and, there are always bees and hover files zooming around.

Last week I was cruising past when I saw the flowers and realized I didn’t have a nice shot of yellow in my portfolio. . .so here it is, and coincidentally it’s the only shot I have ever taken at 1/8000th of a second…serves me right for shooting at ISO400 on a sunny summer day!

Oh, and am I loving the D4? Most certainly, and I can’t remember my shutter count but I am certain there are lots of “Look how many pictures I can take in one second” in there to boost the count.

Dirt, Boogers and the Nikon D4

11 05 2012

Dirt, Boogers and the Nikon D4

What are cameras for? Capturing an image? Documenting history? Making a living? Annoying people around you? Entertaining relatives? Worrying the mother of the bride? Keeping your insurance broker happy? Well all of those things of course, but they’re more than a simple tool, they are, in the right hands, a revelation.

What is this thing of wonder, this piece of machinery, this marvel of high tech that allows me to capture my images of brilliance and mediocrity depending on my mood? Oh, if you were coming here for a solid review of the Nikon D4, this is the wrong place. I can tell you how it feels in your hands (heavy but surprisingly satisfying.) I can tell you how it looks, (solid, intuitive, a bit chunky, a bit imposing, but overall it looks like a performer.)

I’m not one to stand on ceremony (I had a good chuckle when Beth from Vistek cracked open the box to see what was inside before she handed it over) – I thought, “Hey, some people waste an hour documenting the whole box opening thing!” Well, that’s not me either. Pull that sucker open, charge the battery as fast as you can and shoot something! Of course it is Toronto in Spring so I had a few days of rain, and there was a few days of miscommunication (read: 11 days) so I didn’t get my camera when I should – and while I’m on that topic, Nikon, do you know what a release date is for? Don’t you people think of the people who are going to spend their money on your products? The pros who have 3 or 4 bodies stacked carefully in their foam-lined Pelicans. . .they want the cameras sooner rather than later. . .they want to drive the shutter to its limits. . .me, I just want to take photos, make some money, and have something reliable in my hands that does an exceptional job.

Does the D4 deliver? So much. Are the photos sharp, huge, bright and all the things they should be when pumped out of a $6000 magic box? Well, yeah they are. Do I need to drill down mega-pickle by mega-pickle? No, if I wanted to do that I would have grabbed a Nikon D800E for a little more than half the price. I didn’t do that, I grabbed the D4 and I’m glad I did.

You can read other blogs which will tell you how much things weigh, maybe they’ll talk about alloys, performance at various temperatures, and maybe even have a few product photos and a chart or graph…but what about the photos? The photos are good. . .there is a quality about that that is more than depth, more than richness, its a special perspective, its a feeling, an understanding that with this in your hands you can take a photo, no, more than a photo, more than an image, you are taking a picture and then you remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. . .

So here is Aldrin, and you can see her hard earned dirt, picked up in a few different playgrounds today. You can see her spray of freckles, the cookie at the corner of her mouth, the gold in the iris of her blue eyes, and the different shades of colours in her hair. . .the dirt on her chin. . .yup, you can see it all – that’s one of the reasons I like the Nikon D4, not because it shoots 11 FX frames a second (it does,) and not because it has 2 types of memory (WTF is XQD and why is it $135 more in Canada than in the USA?) Mine came with XQD (not sure whether I thank Nikon or Sony,) and I had to buy some blistering Compact Flash to compliment that other chunk. . .so there, a capture, not the next, not the worst, but a true representation of a happy little girl who played her heart out today, transferred some dirt from one part of the city to another, and had the patience to smile for Daddy even though his face was mostly obscured by a large chunk of Japanese merchandise.