‘‘Twas the Night Before #ABATECHSHOW & All Thru the House…

6 03 2018

Tomorrow is a new day. A time for reconnecting with friends and acquaintances. A time to learn new things. A good reminder not to talk about politics, nor religions, or even take on controversial topics like “Who Shot J.R.?”

It’s more than that of course, but I will do my best to plan ahead. I have started picking out my sessions, marking the “must attend” blocks and the “backup” sessions, and of course trying to figure out which ones are for beginners and which sessions are for full immersion.

My camera is loaded with fresh film (kidding,) and I’m packed. Now I just need to source a decent whisky when I’m there and a few people to share with and all will be well in the universe.

The most important thing is for everyone to stay positive, remember in most cases you’re a guest so play nice, and even though you’re in a big city think ecological and leave no footprints.

Stay tuned, there may be mayhem.


#ABATECHSHOW Run-up – thoughts before the rush

28 02 2018

ABA Techshow is a week away so I just thought I’d take a few moments to opine on the journey to Techshow and try to make a few last minute suggestions:

1) Be AT the conference while you’re there – sure work interferes with best laid plans all the time but most people will be traveling to Chicago from out-of-state/out-of-country and you should squeeze every last bit of learning out of the few days you’re there. Delegate or postpone as much as you can before you head out.

2) The Canadians – I know I’ve mentioned the ubiquitous Canucks before but I say this again, seek them out and ask questions about what’s going on with Canadian regulators in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. They’re friendly, often know how to drink, are up for almost any kind of food or beverage, and as a bonus will often buy you a drink. (Ask to see their BlackBerry)

3) Go outside – Techshow is hypnotic and a bit overpowering so if you’re like me you start way too early and finish way too late. It’s a good idea when you’ve had your 19th vendor expo break to just skip it and go for a long walk. Walk to the lake, walk to the river, find the Billy Goat Tavern and have a razor thin somewhat tasteless but really cheap cheezborger. What could go wrong?

4) Find the parties – There are parties. Ask around. Some you will need a ticket or will have to get on a list. Get on the list 😉

5) Find the Legal Talk Network guys. They will have their finger on the pulse of Techshow – who they want to interview, who you shouldn’t miss, and where the good spots are for hurried food and drink (they work a lot so don’t harass them too much or they won’t get to eat.)

6) AI will be big this year so listen in to the keynote, the sessions, look for a robot lawyer. Stop and talk to Andrew Arruda (he will have a fresh haircut, big smile, and a TShirt identifying him as some guy named ROSS.)

7) Come to Canada – Did you know you can fly to downtown Toronto from Chicago (Midway) for about $300 return on Porter Air? If you haven’t been to Toronto it’s a world class city with amazing food and communities.

8) Enjoy yourself – there are lots of vendors. Kick the tires on something good! Ever heard of TrialPad? Check them out if you want to litigate and organize/present your trial from an iPad. Heck you can even meet Ian O’Flaherty, the “Honorary Consul of Ireland in Miami.” (He’s also CEO of the aforementioned company.) Practice management software? Yeah there’s lots of that there too from new kids on the block to the big players who have been around for 10 years.

9) Learn something – Go to the new attendee orientation if you have only been once or twice (or have never been.) It’s 07:30AM on March 8th.

Learn about Macs, hotspots, security, incremental backups, NAS, what’s a JungleDisk, cyberinsurance, where is the dark web, what is whaling and spear fishing, and, will you need a bigger boat.

10) Be careful, have fun, enjoy everything and know your limits, be respectful and try not to talk about politics unless you’re among “friendlies.”

Hope to see everyone there!

Twitter: @psuba98


Canadian Gothic

27 03 2013

Canadian Gothic, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Sugar. More specifically, candy made from maple syrup and formed in the shape of a maple leaf. Can you get more Canadian? I suppose I should give a nod to the Vermonters, but seriously folks, have you seen the size of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick? They all produce maple syrup, so much in fact that we barely noticed when a bunch got stolen (about $20M worth,) but don’t worry, it all trickled back (get it?)

Where was I? Oh right, we wandered through the woods, saw the sap bubbling in iron pots over open fires (40 litres to make a litre of maple syrup and 3 boilings using the traditional method,) and then spent loonies and toonies on candy, (pennies are now extinct) and I believe you can see by the expressions, the excursion was a success.

Every Picture Tells a Story

16 05 2012

The witness, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Its a neighbourhood. There are many personalities, all beginning to develop, some formed in the womb, others forged by nurture and an errant gene perhaps. The feelings are there, close to the surface, floating past on a still stream of emotional kinetic tide, waiting for the right temperature and chemical or neurobiological mix of another entity. It only takes one second, and in a few years a simple push can have so much more meaning. . .for now its just a moment, a fleeting challenge, forgotten later by all. . .except the witness. . .

Planning Ahead

21 05 2010

I just wanted to point out a few conferences coming up so you can mark your dates now. This summer, National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers comes to Toronto for their annual meeting and the agenda is packed. Lot’s of great Canadian speakers and some US speakers like Barry Scheck and Jon Krakauer. The details are here . It takes place August 11th – August 14th in Toronto, Canada.

Some of the speakers scheduled: Frank Addario, Michael Edelson, Alan Gold, Edward Greenspan, Brian Greenspan, Marie Henein, Mark Mahoney, Jeff Manishen, James Lockyer, John Rosen, Steve Skurka, Francesca Yaskiel and more!