#whisky #weekends A sip in time

11 11 2017

It’s another weekend and the news is always bleak from the South. The USA seems to struggle with its former greatness. Once mighty and a world power never questioned is mostly a daily news item of scandals and conspiracy, a political grasp so tenuous its as gossamer thin as a reality show’s plot line. I digress.

It’s cold here, though Fall officially I will declare Winter is at the door and it’s open mor than a crack. It’s Remembrance Day. A day we pause to recognize and give thanks for our freedoms, our laws, our governments or at least the right to our democratic process.

Another week gone by and pictures were taken, hands were shaken, coffees were drunk and bonds were forged. Some relationships in place out of necessity while others made stronger just by mere acknowledgements. I spoke, some listened but preparation it’s own reward. Routines maintained and broken but the five days of the modern work week far behind in the rear view mirror and many more on the roads ahead.

Whisky. A complexity whether cask strength or not, bourbon or rye, aged or barely kissed by the oak. These bottles freshly filled with an elixir of warmth. Their beauty in the eye of a beholder, their value set by markets but priceless in the right hands. It thrives locally and beyond nations borders, served in crystal cut glass and paper cups or straight from the bottles depths.

Enjoy the weekend, and raise a glass to those lost, those who are lost, and the hope of the newly found.



The Event Begins #ABATechshow

16 03 2017

The flight out of Toronto today was delayed but as always, the hospitality extended by Porter Air out of Toronto Island makes it all a little less painful. They have complimentary espresso, bottled water, snacks, iMacs, and generally less frantic than a traditional airline. 

Flight out was bumpy, and into Chicago was extremely windy. It was a beautiful flight over the clouds but a little rough on either end. 

Lots of friendly faces in Chicago. I’ve seen Ashley, Chad, Bob, Ed, Derek, Laurence, Joshua, Adam, Niki, Cesia, and some new Twitter friends. That was just a wander through. 

And now it all comes down to this, session one, meet the techshow board…stay tuned


That Time in Chicago #ABATECHSHOW #Streetphotography #politics #lust

25 02 2017


Its a foggy day in Toronto and I’m working on a comparison of ethics resources in various State Bars in the USA. It made me think back to one of my previous trips to ABATechshow and one of my forays into Chicago street photography which I engage in occasionally when I manage to actually get outdoors (which if you’ve been to Techshow you know isn’t very often!) I came across this snap of Kira. She was making her way across the country with some friends in pursuit of…well I’m not exactly sure but it was partially the American Dream.

These kids were mostly care-free. Travelling with their dog, a few friends and very few belongings, they were hopping freight trains to crisscross the country in search of something, adventure, prosperity, maybe just existence and experience. They were chased, occasionally beaten, but they had a strong bond with each other that was palpable.

I think about how far removed they were removed from technology and wealth. They weren’t begging or soliciting handouts, they were just sitting on the sidewalk together waiting on some friends, experiencing an unfamiliar city from street level. This was 2010 in the USA and as you may recall there was a different government in place.

This shot was captured with my trusty Nikkor 85f1.8 cranking at 1/200th and f3.5 – there were a bunch of others in this series but I thought the tattoo was appropriate for the frenzy going on right now with our Southern neighbours. Their lust for security, prosperity, truth, and well, depending on which side of the fence you’re on…survival.


Global Warming #winter

21 01 2017

OK, so I’m 99% sure I took this with my ailing iPhone 6 and not the Nikon beast but I thought it was worth capturing the moment. 

Where did the winters go? Will our kids ever see the winters we saw with snow banks far above our heads on a weekly basis? I have always been a fan of NASA and they nicely sum up the last few thousand years of our climate. The 17cm rise in sea level in a century, the temperature increases over the last 35 years, ocean temperature rise, and strangely nothing about the Chinese conspiracy to make us think there’s a danger to humanity. 

Let’s hope the world “leaders” wake up too warm and realize it’s time to do more. Our kids know this so what’s wrong with the adults? 

Mini-rant over. I suppose I could examine some of the arguments but really, look around. Notice your climate changing? Feeling warmer or colder than you remember? Less snow? Drier than you remember? More flooding? 

We should collectively give our heads a shake…like a Polaroid. 


Kids in tune

19 12 2013

Kids in tune, originally uploaded by psuba98.

This photo is popular on Flickr lately and it might just be people missing summer. I know we have a few days left of shorter days and then its all downhill after that (uphill?) We have lots of winter sun coming (I can’t believe its not even Winter yet!?)

So back to children playing in Huntsville. . .it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of rays, music, ice cream, and playing in parks. . .this was one of the outdoor pianos for anyone to play, and my children were instantly attracted.

The photo: Nikon D4, 1/125, f5.6 ISO 100 with the Nikkor 60f2.8Macro

All about the shoes

28 03 2013

All about the shoes, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Shoes. She has a gene that gives her a special relationship with shoes. It’s weird how we pay someone (often the strangest looking bowling alley person on Earth,) to allow us the choice of which sweat receptacles we would like to try for a day. These items have never been used for anything else in their overly long existence…they were made to trap the sweat of as many unrelated people as possible. There is of course the mysterious spray that is reassuringly used in front of you, sure, but other than destroying ozone what exactly does it do?

This little person loved her shoes, and she also took great pleasure in selecting the ball she was going to launch at the floor. Occasionally the ball made it all the way down the floor, but whether it was a strike, gutter-ball, or a split that defied the laws of physics, she was content just picking out the swirl pattern on the ball that she fancied at that moment.

Other high points? The flickering fluorescent lights, the French fries, the highly polished floors, the mysterious “Pro shop”, and the magical scoring machines.

Watching a 3 year old out there on the alley for the first time was relaxing. This photo once again proves its not the glass, the fancy pro camera pointed in the right direction, or the organism pointing it downrange. Nope, it’s the spark in front of the camera, that beautiful soul experiencing anything for the first time with an innocent joy long forgotten by any adult.

Take a moment, look up in the sky, and see the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon, the jet contrails, or just the tops of trees, and then watch with your inner child, you might even see in colour for a change. If all else fails, grab a pair of number 7s or your own number, and head out on the hardwood for another day of childhood.


sunflowers of summer

12 08 2012

sunflowers of summer, originally uploaded by psuba98.

I walk past these sunflowers pretty much everyday and they are in various stages of bloom but two things are certain, I am almost never carrying my D4 when I walk past and, there are always bees and hover files zooming around.

Last week I was cruising past when I saw the flowers and realized I didn’t have a nice shot of yellow in my portfolio. . .so here it is, and coincidentally it’s the only shot I have ever taken at 1/8000th of a second…serves me right for shooting at ISO400 on a sunny summer day!

Oh, and am I loving the D4? Most certainly, and I can’t remember my shutter count but I am certain there are lots of “Look how many pictures I can take in one second” in there to boost the count.