The Winds Of March #winter #snow #abatechshow 

13 03 2017

There’s a storm coming. Not many snows this year at all and one big one scheduled a day before I take wing to the USA. 

I just read something that suggested there have been more electronic device searches at the border in February than all of 2015. That’s an interesting statement. I suppose it makes sense if you can get away with it but the USA prides itself on their constitutional rights and we pride ourselves on our Charter rights so a search of a personal device seems more intrusive than looking through someone’s underwear on a return from a vacation. (Not a job I’d want either way.) I’ll make more comments I suppose when I return from my trip to ABA TECHSHOW. 

This snap outside the workplace on University Avenue was from an earlier storm. This one was taken on the fly with my trusty iPhone 6, an unusual feat given its propensity to die at the first sign of cold. 

If you get a chance stop in and learn about the iron fence, see the Great Library or even stop in at the Court of Appeal and watch appeal lawyers in action. There’s also a pretty good restaurant with a committed check (Adam Foley) who does his best to offer quality local fare served with an old world panache. Some have compared the dining experience with eating at Hogwarts. 

Watch this space for dispatches from TECHSHOW. I’ll do my best to pepper Twitter with on the spot observations but maybe wrap up the day here. The fun should start here on Wednesday. 




28 03 2012

Its that time of year again. The pilgrimage to Chicago and the Hilton to sit at the feet of some lawyer/technology users and find out what I’m doing right, or wrong. I haven’t studied the grid too closely just yet but I have looked around and it looks bigger than ever. I am psyched to meet Ben Stein if at all possible – he’s giving one of the keynotes, and generally mixing with some people I haven’t seen in a few years.

So far I have run into two people from Chicago, one from Vancouver, and spoken to someone from LI (a misplaced Canadian.) The conference doesn’t start until tomorrow but I am here to soak up to preliminary sessions, one organized by Matt Homann (LexThink) and the other is an interactive panel discussion with RocketMatters.

Stay tuned and I will blog about what I learn today, or tomorrow. In years past the WiFi at the Hilton has been sketchy (especially in the rooms where they have the sessions on “cloud computing” which is more than a little ironic.

Off I go to find the first event…the LexThink session are 6 minutes and 20 slides in duration so if someone has something to say…they better be efficient. . .


ABA TECHSHOW – Taking Your Office Virtual

26 03 2010

This session on Friday, 26 March 2010 at 2:15 PM ET will cover whether there are different ethical issues that arise from running a virtual law office. What technologies, collaboration platforms, and practice tools are required? Tune in today or later to watch an archived version:

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Great conference so far!

ABA TECHSHOW – Security on Steroids Live Blog session 3:30 PM ET

25 03 2010

Tune in this afternoon for a session on Security on Steroids with Eric Fleckles and John Simek. Learn how to protect your data and client’s data while you’re in transit or on the road. How secure is your smartphone? How about firewalls? Security and Tips for Cloud computing and physical security tips. . .

I am hoping for a good connection this afternoon but its in a sketchy room – hopefully this one will work.

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I love the feedback.

Using Powerpoint to Storyboard in the Courtroom

25 03 2010

OK, tossing this one together last second. They are about to give a session on Using Powerpoint to Storyboard in the Courtroom at ABA Techshow and barring technical difficulties on my end I will attempt to cover some of the highpoints in a live blog

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This will be available as an archive as well

The Dim Future of Law Practice – no live blog

24 03 2010

I was going to live blog tonite from Chicago at the Ignite Law event but I have received an email which claims that the conference room with 170 attendees does not have electricity nor does it have Internet access!? It leads me to believe they are taking a dim view on the future, possibly one without any access to gadgets. I guess this would qualify as another sign of the apocalypse. If you would like to see a free live webcast of the event tonight you need to register – wow, they can manage a webcast but no Internet access. . .there is some bad math here!

The Future of Law Practice – Ignite Law in Chicago March 24, 2010

21 03 2010

The Future of Law Practice in 6 Minute Increments, presented by LexThink and InsideLegal. The event gives 15 speakers six minutes each to share their vision of what they think the future holds. Tune in by clicking the link below at the designated time and I will be liveblogging what’s happening at the event:

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I will be liveblogging this event from Chicago on Wednesday night, March 24th @ 20:00 EDT. This assumes I am allowed. . .and you know what they say about assuming. . .