Once in awhile I get an idea. . .

14 01 2017

I realize I have vanished from the face of the blogosphere and once again will make an attempt to humbly mumble some thoughts…some random, some planned, into/onto this medium for all to ignore.

Usual themes of law and photography, not necessarily together as I wind down my role at the Criminal Lawyers Association as the photo editor and fire up another year of more fun portrait work with just some natural light and the amazing computer innards nestled in my trusty Nikon D4.


I have to say that my iPhone 6 has made me lazy and I look to the Light L16 longingly and wish I had one in my back pocket most days. I’d like to try one out to see what I could craft with that kind of camera stitching power at my fingertips!

So here is my toe in the water today, hopefully back tonight or tomorrow with something to say/show.







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