Dan Hill #DanHill #NikonD4

2 01 2014

Dan Hill #DanHill #NikonD4, originally uploaded by psuba98.

The Dan Hill. Sometimes you get an opportunity to meet someone who is so talented they make everything seem…effortless and light. I’m not suggesting anything this guy has done is effortless, I have no idea, but man he has a presence when he takes a stage, no matter how big or small the venue might be. . .tonight the venue was local, intimate, and extremely casual.

I had never met Mr Hill but he was soft spoken, polite, and patient with everyone. He had books and CDs for sale; I’ve started in on his book and he is a good writer. . .an extension of his songwriting perhaps but its evocative, and he places you next to him in his world not just with words and images but with time and space. . .

I heard Dan Hill all over the radio in 1977 (hey, remember when radios were pervasive and “stereos” were rare?) Anyway, his breakout song was in constant rotation and it was emotional. . .women loved it, guys pretended they didn’t (but bought it!) and his voice held magic. His voice still holds magic, and I waited until now to hear the man sing “Sometimes When We Touch” live. It was a lot of years and I would say a watershed moment as he put down his guitar and moved over to the piano to “sing one of his own songs.” I checked my camera, flipped over to a quiet shutter setting and then. . .tug tug tug. . .I looked down, “Daddy I have to pee!” Did I mention this was a fantastic event that actually had a family ticket package? I was there with 3 kids and the one pulling on my shirt was 3 years old. . .so the pull toward the washroom was…well, not to be be ignored.

Unfortunately the bathroom acoustics would have been great if Mr Hill had been playing in the washroom, but no, he was one floor above us, and the active and somewhat ancient basketball court beside the echo seiged bathroom was in full use by a group of loud and sweaty guys having their regular pickup game, oblivious as I was to the magic happening over our heads.

Timing is everything so of course it took exactly one song to finish the job, including the careful hand washing that responsible 3 year olds can be good at when you’re in a hurry. So negotiating the stairs carefully with little legs (and trying to keep the D4 from bouncing off any walls, sinks and doors) had the precision timing of a Swiss timepiece and we made it back upstairs in time to hear. . .clapping. . .

So 36 years of waiting to hear Dan sing one song left me…smiling…you can’t be mad at the wonders of children, at least not for very long, and Dan did sign my book (to me and Dilly,) so the evening was rewarding in a lot of ways. . .I don’t plan on waiting another three decades. . .I’m watching the papers for another shot at hearing him live!

And now the snap. . .the D4 was practically glowing in my hands at ISO 11,400 — 1/160th at f2.8 using a 2nd Gen 70-200 VR/ED etc. Sure there is grain but I like grain…jammed through Lightroom 5 and PS CC.





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