Lieutenant-General The Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire

18 09 2013

This man is Romeo Dallaire. He has a message for us all and we should listen to him. That smartphone you’re using, or that tablet, probably contains coltan (aka tantalum.) There are countries mining coltan that are not mired in blood and conflict but the DRC in Africa is not one of those countries. There is lots of controversy in the USA over mining of coltan and there is legislation which requires countries to disclose the source of their coltan. Some say making companies source coltan from countries not engaged in civil war is causing people to suffer in the Congo because there are no mining opportunities. Similar arguments were made during the embargoes on S Africa suggesting the people were suffering not the white ruling government. I digress, this is about a photo.

LGen Romeo Dallaire spoke about conflict minerals and child soldiers and the efforts to eradicate the problems. Check out his website here: and help eradicate the problem of child soldiers.

Right, the snapshot. Packed room with recently improved lighting. . .D4 working hard though and a nice crisp capture of a squared away (and gracious) former soldier who is a gentleman and world renowned humanitarian.





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