Rainy Day

22 06 2013

Rain, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Rainy day in the neighbourhood. It was sunny, the raining, then sunny, then a few downpours this afternoon, and I loved every change. Its the second day of summer and a great light for shooting.

This shot was minimally touched. I admit cooling the colour a bit but it just made the rain look more wet or something — it was inspiring listening to the rain hit my umbrella while I tried to shoot at ground level one handed. Although the D4 would have made an impressive splash I decided to hang on for dear life. The bubbles raced their way back to Lake Ontario, the rain made me think of the ocean (Atlantic to be specific) although it wasn’t a storm of those proportions.

Having rain all day was nice even though it was a weekend. It made me think a little more about light, speed, reflections and slightly harder composition.

Looking to get more creative this summer. Fewer commercial shots and more me shots. . .there has to be some creative juice in there somewhere.





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