Sometimes Life Rushes Up at You

3 06 2013

So there are times when things are moving too fast and everything seems to be upside down. Well, you can still have a laugh and this is proof. Its a little bit of fun and that’s all it really is. . .no trickery here (its not a trick that’s she’s upside down because really, depending on where you are on Earth right now you might be upside won yourself in relation to everyone else.

This was a break from a soccer game when there happened to be a handy play structure (not what I called them when I was a kid but now kids don’t say things like jungle gyms,) and now that I think about it, I have never seen a metal play structure in a jungle (few jungles that I have seen!?)

OK, there’s the photo of the day, a right-side up, upside down, soccer playing imp in full smirkulation!





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