working shoes

27 05 2013
working shoes, originally uploaded by psuba98.

OK, I admit it, I have been slack lately. Perhaps I have been down a pint of creative juice or something but with the changing seasons I’m feeling inspired. There is a chance to get some action shots this season, some brilliant colours, some inspired setups, some raw emotions, and my usual “gee that looks cool I wonder how to capture that” spontaneous snapshots.

These are the new shoes. They’re the wrong colour of course (girls being girls and all,) but they were good enough for an assist in the first game of the season. Do they fit, who knows? Are they fast? Well not without someone in them of course but its hard to tell with little girls all running around in circles, you have to follow the cluster and see if you can pick your shoes out of the blur! They all have the same uniform, the same haircut, the same movements, the same uncertain confidence. . .

So the shot. . .quick evening shot with the D4, ISO 400, 1/2500 @F2.5 shot with my trusty 85mm and nothing complicated about it. . .someone was very happy with her shoes. . .except for that whole colour thing!





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