Fish heads fish heads. . .

27 05 2013

Fish heads fish heads. . ., originally uploaded by psuba98.

You know the rest. This was snapped a few weeks ago at the famous St. Lawrence Market in Toronto while we were wandering around trying to come up with supper ideas. We did buy some fish, some meat, some veggies, and I even broke down and bought some mustard even though I make a superior produce with tender loving care.

This was captured (although the word capture is sort of a misnomer because their heads were detached from their bodies and they were on ice. . .so there was no escape!) but I digress. . .captured with my Nikkor 60f2.8 which is perhaps one of the most frustrating lenses ever made when it comes to shooting in low light! This was ISO 4000 territory and 1/60th so I was staving off the shakes while shooting one handed and scanning for my wandering children. . .

If you haven’t been to the market, check it out, upstairs, downstairs, and way upstairs which they rent out for weddings/banquets, etc. I had no place that upstairs existed until about a year ago! There is also a “North Market” across the street but it doesn’t seem to capture the same flavours, smells, and character.





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