All about the shoes

28 03 2013

All about the shoes, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Shoes. She has a gene that gives her a special relationship with shoes. It’s weird how we pay someone (often the strangest looking bowling alley person on Earth,) to allow us the choice of which sweat receptacles we would like to try for a day. These items have never been used for anything else in their overly long existence…they were made to trap the sweat of as many unrelated people as possible. There is of course the mysterious spray that is reassuringly used in front of you, sure, but other than destroying ozone what exactly does it do?

This little person loved her shoes, and she also took great pleasure in selecting the ball she was going to launch at the floor. Occasionally the ball made it all the way down the floor, but whether it was a strike, gutter-ball, or a split that defied the laws of physics, she was content just picking out the swirl pattern on the ball that she fancied at that moment.

Other high points? The flickering fluorescent lights, the French fries, the highly polished floors, the mysterious “Pro shop”, and the magical scoring machines.

Watching a 3 year old out there on the alley for the first time was relaxing. This photo once again proves its not the glass, the fancy pro camera pointed in the right direction, or the organism pointing it downrange. Nope, it’s the spark in front of the camera, that beautiful soul experiencing anything for the first time with an innocent joy long forgotten by any adult.

Take a moment, look up in the sky, and see the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon, the jet contrails, or just the tops of trees, and then watch with your inner child, you might even see in colour for a change. If all else fails, grab a pair of number 7s or your own number, and head out on the hardwood for another day of childhood.





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