Canadian Gothic

27 03 2013

Canadian Gothic, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Sugar. More specifically, candy made from maple syrup and formed in the shape of a maple leaf. Can you get more Canadian? I suppose I should give a nod to the Vermonters, but seriously folks, have you seen the size of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick? They all produce maple syrup, so much in fact that we barely noticed when a bunch got stolen (about $20M worth,) but don’t worry, it all trickled back (get it?)

Where was I? Oh right, we wandered through the woods, saw the sap bubbling in iron pots over open fires (40 litres to make a litre of maple syrup and 3 boilings using the traditional method,) and then spent loonies and toonies on candy, (pennies are now extinct) and I believe you can see by the expressions, the excursion was a success.




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