sunflowers of summer

12 08 2012

sunflowers of summer, originally uploaded by psuba98.

I walk past these sunflowers pretty much everyday and they are in various stages of bloom but two things are certain, I am almost never carrying my D4 when I walk past and, there are always bees and hover files zooming around.

Last week I was cruising past when I saw the flowers and realized I didn’t have a nice shot of yellow in my portfolio. . .so here it is, and coincidentally it’s the only shot I have ever taken at 1/8000th of a second…serves me right for shooting at ISO400 on a sunny summer day!

Oh, and am I loving the D4? Most certainly, and I can’t remember my shutter count but I am certain there are lots of “Look how many pictures I can take in one second” in there to boost the count.




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