Running from the rainbow

7 06 2012

Running from the rainbow, originally uploaded by psuba98.

Its a dark and stormy night and the kids are playing in the rain, getting as saturated as possible and squeezing maximum enjoyment out of water falling from the skies.

Its the D4, 1/60th, f4.0, ISO 400 and the Nikkor 85f1.8 in action. Sure there’s a tiny bit of CS4 added in their to give it a bit of an older feel but its really about kids in action.

There was a double rainbow and Dilly immediately declared “My rainbow!”

So dodging rain without my trusty high-cost rain cover (a dry cleaning bag with a few elastic bands,) I risked life, limb, and my camera (which did stay bone dry thanks to some weird posturing on my part,) and voila, image.

The show and its reflective mate. . .perfect focus 🙂




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