Neil & Tristan at The Fuzz Box

27 05 2012

Neil & Tristan at The Fuzz Box, originally uploaded by psuba98.

I happened upon these two East Coasters last weekend when we were taking a stroll along Danforth Avenue in Toronto. Neil is from Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and Tristan is from Newfoundland. Neil has opened The Fuzz Box “Specializing in Nova Scotian Donairs” at 1246 Danforth Avenue a short while ago and the place has been abuzz ever since.

How were the donairs? They were great. The sauce is exactly as you would imagine it would be, sweet, ample, and yes, it escapes the wrap as you eat (although Neil said he had some smaller than usual foil wrappers that day!)

Quibbles? Well the meat isn’t done on a vertical spit, its done in an oven. It has a slight crumbly feel to it as a result but the taste is bang on and authentic. Its also fresh because Neil only buys fresh and makes a valiant attempt at supporting local merchants although he has had a small issue with supply and demand as his business takes off. While we were there lots of Maritimers strolled in, some returning customers and most drawn to the store like Richard Dreyfuss to the Devil’s Tower in Close Encounters. . .

Both guys were easy to talk to and were happy to stand at the wrong end of a camera (lucky for me.) I think I captured a bit of them but Tristan was much happier than he seems. . .

I will go back, I will eat again, and I will recommend The Fuzz Box not only to anyone who misses King of Donair or Tonys in Halifax but to anyone looking for something they had missed in their youth, or might have somewhere on their culinary bucket list.





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