Waiting for the Nikon D4

15 04 2012

Waiting for the Nikon D4

Aldie has patience. . .but she’s getting tired. We have been waiting since January when I ordered the D4 and now its getting closer, I can feel it.

The word from Vistek is I should have it at the end of April/beginning of May and there are 57 hitting the Toronto store at the end of the month which is fine with me because, I only need one. I wish I could pony up for two but no, sadly I will only have one, and a huge hole in my wallet.

The other thing is this, my creativity was slightly stalled as I waited through the rumours last year, hoping for the body to surface so I could begin a book project. . .well its almost game on now. . .15 more days and then Aldie can smile





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