ABA The Roundup

3 04 2012

This years Techshow was impressive. I have attended 3 times in 4 years and this year was one of the most informative. I have an appreciation for the planning that goes into a conference like this after planning a similar conference in Toronto for a few years. Reid Trautz and his planning committee/board did a great job this year.

The flaw. WiFi connectivity in the Chicago Hilton. It sucks every year. I understand it was somewhat rescued by Lincoln Mead from Utah – its great using our own IT guy. I know the hotel continues to “work” on the issues but…it was marginally better than other years and there was a proliferation of iPads this year.

The good: pretty much everything. The windup with no hit was probably the session before LexThink. It was disjointed, didn’t seem to have a focus, and fizzled faster than a spent sparkler. The LexThink sessions were strong although maybe with one weak and static and one kinda, hmmm, directionless. Hey, cramming your message into 6 minutes is hard…and unforgiving. Maybe we should stop letting emailers pick the topic.

Cloud was huge this year, tracks, topics, subtropics and at least 30 of the vendors were in the cloud. Lots of iOS stuff going on and one Blackberry session had 26 – 28 people in it. contrast that to 2 years ago when almost everyone had BBs and there were few iPhones, and everyone was worried about iPhone security. Now people were talking DropBox security and ignoring (pretty much) iPhone security.

So where did it all end up? Maybe I’ll add more tomorrow with the odd photo.





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