ABA Techshow Day 1

30 03 2012

ABA Techshow Day 1

Matt Homann watches a LexThink speaker

So here we are on Day One and it was a good day of reconnecting with friends, meeting new ones and a good solid day of content. The sessions with Tom Mighell, Sharon Nelson, Ernie Svenson and Antigone Peyton were great. There were lots of tips about making a decent impact with a website and lots of tips about the dangers of public wifi, from physical dangers to lurking data snatchers who are spoofing other identities.

I would say the chatter has been basic to mid-level tech so far and I’m looking forward to sessions tomorrow on Staying Safe in the Cloud with Natalie Kelly and Dan Siegel, and session on Anatomy of a Law Firm Breach with David Ries and John Simek.

There are many iPads here this year and lots of tweeting during sessions. There is some confusion about how to access the wifi as there seems to be different access points this year for Apples and Windows machines…also the usual spotty or less than robust connections in the corners of the concrete bunkers they call sessions rooms.

Looking forward to tomorrow and my live blog something if I get inspired.




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