28 03 2012

Its that time of year again. The pilgrimage to Chicago and the Hilton to sit at the feet of some lawyer/technology users and find out what I’m doing right, or wrong. I haven’t studied the grid too closely just yet but I have looked around and it looks bigger than ever. I am psyched to meet Ben Stein if at all possible – he’s giving one of the keynotes, and generally mixing with some people I haven’t seen in a few years.

So far I have run into two people from Chicago, one from Vancouver, and spoken to someone from LI (a misplaced Canadian.) The conference doesn’t start until tomorrow but I am here to soak up to preliminary sessions, one organized by Matt Homann (LexThink) and the other is an interactive panel discussion with RocketMatters.

Stay tuned and I will blog about what I learn today, or tomorrow. In years past the WiFi at the Hilton has been sketchy (especially in the rooms where they have the sessions on “cloud computing” which is more than a little ironic.

Off I go to find the first event…the LexThink session are 6 minutes and 20 slides in duration so if someone has something to say…they better be efficient. . .





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