BlackBerry PlayBook – A Few Observations

20 04 2011

First, it looks good. The sales people at Staples didn’t have a lot of product knowledge but they were friendly. They knew nothing about Bridge but tried to fake it as best they could.

Second, they have no idea what ships. The guy I was talking to looked in the box, looked at me, and basically said, “I guess that’s it”

Third, I think I need version 5.0 of the device OS and although version 5 is listed as available for my phone, conveniently it can’t be downloaded and it would be necessary to run Bridge. I guess that means to fully take advantage of tethering options I would need to upgrade my phone as well, something I haven’t considered until now.

Four, RIMs stock dropped with the launch but seems to be levelling today. Yesterday might have been a good day to buy and if the rumours are true the PlayBook will get better once they do the emulation thing with the Android store and there is more positive written about it.

Bottom line – I don’t have one yet, I am cautiously optimistic, and it has to improve. . .for $700 I can wait.





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