All Things Solo and Small

21 05 2010

Well it has been another successful Solo and Small Conference staged by the Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario Bar Association. This was our 5th annual conference and I think it was as good or better than other years. We had a highest turnout this years and with the addition of webcasting of one track, this year we turned a corner.

The quality of the content is consistently high and the speakers are amazing. I should mention that I was one of the planners of this program so my views are not exactly unbiased. I did however attend the ABA Techshow this year for the second year and I would put any of our content up against theirs. The Solo conference is less “high level” and the speakers are not vendors and are almost exclusively Canadian.

There have been other comments about the conference and there were a huge number of tweets during and after the conference (#soloto). You can see the whole archive of comments on Twapper Keeper here and thanks to David Whelan for the archive!

This year we had two sessions devoted to social media and they were exceedingly popular, covering the basics and some of the more in depth challenges and uses of rss feeds, pipes, etc.

The 60 Tips in 60 Minutes session was as popular as ever and we might consider adding a 60 sites session in the future. The session on “Top Tech for Law Offices” was great and some of the highlights included using dual monitors to improve efficiency, not doing your own IT support, digital dictation uses, smart phones, getting rid of expensive ink jets and moving to laser printers and more.

There is just too much to summarize but the conference is a must attend for the solo lawyer or small firm group that wants to see what’s going on in technology and as a networking event!

Join us next year on May 13th 2011 for another conference you shouldn’t be missing!





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