Things I learned @ ABA Techshow

6 04 2010

Alright. I have read the standard wrap-ups and if that’s what you’re looking for, move along, this isn’t one of them.

One place Smoque. This place was amazing! We were looking for someplace fun and barbecue-like and we surfed a bit looking for just the right spot. Thanks to the Food Network’s Guy Fieri, and his show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”, we found Smoque BBQ in Irving Park.

I am not a food writer but I will attempt to capture some of the experience. We arrived outside and the place is kind of isolated and not much to look at either inside or out. The smell is the first thing you notice. Its a lingering smokey haze that seems to surround you and you wear it until you’re inside. Its nice. The wait was about half an hour outside, and then another 20 minutes inside. It doesn’t seem like much of a wait once you get your food. Once inside you are surrounded by happy people. The people taking your order are happy (and patient,) the people preparing your food are happy and friendly, and the people eating are very happy! As soon as you step up to order they record the number in your party and start working on getting you a seat at one of the picnic tables inside. The whole thing is well timed because by the time your food is ready you have a seat too. Its almost like a ballet.

I could describe the food but I won’t spend much time on that. The food was awesome, but I like bbq and for me part of the whole experience was the friends I was with and the people who were also eating or prepping my food. The staff really were awesome. You can see lots of photos of them here. Last few words – go there, eat the succulent ribs, the tangy pulled pork, the nice Texas-style brisket (either sliced or in chunks,) or the bbq’d beans with caramelized onions and bits of brisket. The coleslaw was good with small slices of red onion and if it wasn’t 849 kilometers away, I would be there now. . .




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