ABA Techshow – Approximately 60 Tips in 60 Minutes

26 03 2010

1/ Re-visit Voice Recognition Software – its much better than it used to be!
2/ If you’re not using at least 2 monitors on your desk, you should be – research says productivity increases ~ 40%
3/ Convert Online Video to MPEG or AVI with Zamzar or vdownloader – they convert and email you a link – free utility
4/ Use Google Advanced Search – you can use it for a Domain Filter Search – very effective
4/ Law PDA – American site, can load US Federal Laws, State Laws, etc on your SmartPhone or laptop
5/ http://www.tripit.com – manage your travel experience, emails you to check-in, can email your receipts,etc
6/ Constant Contact – from $15/m – permission based
7/ Press Releases – use it for marketing – PR Newswire is one service
8/ Limit your locations for looking! Don’t put items in several places or you won’t find them.
9/ Don’t get trapped in your Dashboard
10/ Forgotten Attachment Detector – great tool
11/ ScanSnap scanners – S1500 is great, 50 sheet feeder, runs OCR, comes with Acrobat Pro 9
12/ Maintain an alternate email address to avoid SPAM
13/ http://www.usps.gov – post office website to assist you with which county you file in (obviously American)
14/ Social Networking Sites – Decide whether they are a Gold Mine for you, or are they Sand Traps! User Beware!
15/ iPhone insecurity – phone can be jailbroken – just be aware – PIN can be broken – banned in some law firms
16/ Plan Your Ideal Vacation, even if you don’t go – you could always go to SecondLife for a virtual vacation with your Avatar!
17/ Upgrade your Firm’s Digital Cam or Camcorder!
18/ Kofax Desktop Scanning Software $49/license
19/ Take the time to customize your Office 2007 Toolbar – you will save time
20/ XOBNI – resides in Outlook, keeps track of email, social media etc.
21/ Law Office Billing and Accounting systems – don’t use one that isn’t made for law firms!
22/ Use Checkpoint friendly laptop bags – one half is your laptop, one half is your files (Target makes them)
23/ Do some non-billable time – generates Goodwill, less focus by clients on other charges!
24/ Use Advanced searching on Google – things like rphonebook are available, use time filters, etc
25/ Set up a database maintenance routine! You must keep your info in good working order for your billing system, time management system etc.
26/ Use Thumbnails in Acrobat to Add/Remove/Reorder pages (they are not turned on by default)
27/ Coordinate your Meeting Times with Agreedate – free utility, integrates with Outlook
28/ GoodSearch – everytime you use it to search, your charity will get a few cents
29/ Bluetooth Sunglasses (if you want to look like a bounty hunter)
30/ Use a passphrase instead of a password – easier to remember, harder to crack!
31/ Use the Kindle – you can keep up to 3000 books in it, and full colour, and PDF storage, usage
32/ Check up on your Social Media settings on a regular basis
33/ Practice Short and Sweet
34/ Stop Using Your InBox as a To Do List!!!! Drag and Drop your email into the Task List to Create a To Do (Outlook)
35/ Edocrab for Product Research – scan the barcode in the store with your Blackberry – you can read reviews and compare prices
36/ Use mini-hub to transfer data from one computer to another (check ThinkGeek)
35/ Robo-Form so you only have to remember a primary password
36/ The Busy Lawyers Guide to Success by Dan Pinnington and Reid Trautz
37/ Create a Cone of Silence in your office – announce No Calls, or Close your door, minimize your email, shut down! The work will still be there for you
38/ Use your Practice Management Software for more than a Contact List! They have a lot of power
39/ Don’t go wireless with relational databases – they do not work well – if you lose a signal you lose packets and get database corruption
40/ Use Maestro to Mass Convert PDF to Text-Searchable PDFs
41/ Use on-line back-up as a Secondary Backup method
42/ A picture IS worth a thousand words – use them in your cases!
43/ Use the Blackberry Flashlight app (to help you older folks read your menu in a dark restaurant!?
44/ SimplyFile – Outlook add-in $39.95/user – its an intelligent file assistant
45/ Outlook Send Assistant good program to pop up boxes to warn you before you send something
46/ Know your Technology Plan and Budget – make sure you include training costs
47/ Get Tech Advice from Practice Management Advisors (call your local Bar)
48/ Texter by LifeHacker – will finish your sentences for you (autotext)
49/ Google Voice – needs a little work but its cool
50/ Flipcoin.com – helpful for making choices when you don’t have change in your pocket
51/ You can watch full episodes of programs on tv websites like http://www.cbs.com, etc.
52/ Evernote – to remember everything
53/ Have your own law firm channel on YouTube (remember the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding Advertising! (This tip comes with my usual proviso and is not mine…Americans use tv much more!)
54/ Use your vendor support sites and help files! Use online forums
55/ Add a digital photo frame to your marketing arsenal – show your firm in action newer frames can also link to social networking sites (again an Ontario proviso on this one – beware of Rules re advertising)
56/ Sorry Gotta go – http://www.gottago.com that’s all I will say
57/ Easily create Tables of Authorities etc with Outlook 2007
58/ Google AdWords

I obviously blended a few – there was supposed to be 60!



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